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Glow Guide, Part 2 – The Fascia…

Is the only thing you’ve glowe(re)d about recently is your lack of time as you juggle the work-life balance? At Realskin Clinic, we understand…

One too many snoozes and you jump out of bed and into the car, grabbing a snack as you rush to work where you have a coffee, skip lunch and completely forget to hydrate – at least not with water. You just don’t ever seem to get a chance to focus on those skin foundations – let alone anything else.

 Skin Confidence


We’re here to help.

One word – makeup.  The application of which can be a complicated business, as we all follow our own set of rules and protocol when it comes to putting our faces on. Sometimes we get so stuck in our routine, we forget to stop and reflect on it.

Do you ever wonder if you’re actually going about your makeup application correctly? Or if there is something more you could be doing to get that glow?

Glowing skin can turn heads. This flawless look is meant to appear natural, but chances are it’s the result of a cosmetics slight-of-hand. Even if your skin doesn’t glow on its own, there’s a lot you can do with makeup to achieve glowing skin.



Step 1: Create Dimension


To create a lit-from-within, glowing complexion, it’s worth investing time in perfecting the art of contouring. Start to create dimension by applying a cream concealer in one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Using short strokes and a concealer brush, place concealer in the middle of your forehead, down the centre of your nose, along your brow bones, under your eyes and at the centre of your chin. Next, use contouring makeup where you want to subtract light and create depth.


Jane Iredale Makeup Brushes


Using light strokes and a tapered contouring brush, create an arc rather than a straight line under your cheekbones.

When choosing contouring makeup, go for a bronzer, powder or liquid foundation that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone. If you go any deeper than one or two shades, you’ll begin to look muddy.



Step 2: Layer and Blend

After enhancing the dimension on your face, apply your foundation. At Realskin Clinic we offer complimentary Jane Iredale Foundation Colour Match.

Use a lighter foundation, such as a liquid or cream, with a lot of luminosity to add a glow to the skin.

To apply the foundation, move a foundation brush, in small circles. You want to make sure your makeup isn’t sitting on top of your skin. It should blend in with the natural fluids in your skin.


Jane Iredale Foundation Palettes


Step 3: Make your cheeks pop

Don’t make the mistake of trying to create a contour with blush. Instead, select a blush that is close to your natural flush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, instead of below your cheekbones. Blend it into the apples and upward toward your temples. A bit of flush will help make your skin glow.



Step 4: Add a Hint of Shimmer (But Just a Hint!)

Shimmer highlighter creates light and bone structure. But knowing when enough is enough is important. We recommend using a cream highlighter. Whether you’re using a cream or powder highlighter, in either case, less is always more.

Apply it to the high planes of your face, which includes the middle of your forehead, down the centre of your nose and along the tops of your cheekbones.


Step 5: Set Your Glow

After all of your layering, the final touch — translucent powder — is the most important one. Using a large fluffy powder brush, swirl translucent powder over your face to set the look and get the most out of your makeup.


For a more in-depth discussion about your makeup routine, pop in to the Realskin Clinic or book online.

Glow Guide: Part One – The Foundations…

Every day starts the same – you rush to beat traffic, make that appointment, keep the lunch date you’ve had planned for ages with the friends you rarely see…

On your way you catch a glimpse of someone you recognise and you think, who is that tired looking woman with the dull complexion?

And then you realise – it’s you…


Skin Confidence


Here at Realskin Clinic we understand that there are many different factors that contribute to a glowing complexion. Diet, lifestyle, environment and regular facials all play a part. And then of course, there’s the skincare side of things, such as Realskin Clinic’s favourites Ultraceuticals, and the various treatments available at Realskin Clinic.


So how do you get that glow?

At Realskin Clinic we believe in keeping things simple but effective, with a holistic approach to skincare. Firstly, let’s consider diet, it’s important to remember that a well-balanced, varied diet is essential to your skins health. Aim to eat as many fresh foods as possible, while avoiding excessive sugar, additives and preservatives.

Also, there is no doubt that lifestyle contributes to the look of our skin and overall skin health. As we all know, the effects of too little sleep, too much sun, alcohol, and caffeine show up in our complexion relatively quickly. And as we get older the effects are more readily visible.

Sleep is the time for skin cell regeneration. Not getting adequate sleep limits the amount of cellular repair that takes place and can subsequently lead to dullness, breakouts and premature ageing.

Alcohol and caffeine both dehydrate the skin. Dehydration is one of the biggest outward causes of skin ageing. In particular the superficial lines and wrinkles that appear on the surface of the skin.

As well as drinking plenty of water to combat dehydration and the negative effects it has on skin health; it’s also vital to limit the amount of free radical damage our skin is exposed to. The sun is a major cause of such damage. The best way to counteract this is through applying a daily SPF (whether it’s sunny or not!), such as Ultraceuticals SunActive  range.



Our Approach…

The highly trained skin health therapists at Realskin Clinic are able to assess your skin type and its specific needs to establish what Ultraceuticals products and Realskin Clinic treatments you could use to help get your glow back, and keep it.

Our Realskin Clinic skin health therapists strongly believe that each individual has their own unique skin. So what works for one person may not work for another – skin is not an exact science. At Realskin Clinic we tailor our skincare recommendations to the individual using the benefit of our skin health team’s skincare expertise and dermatological experience.



Here are a few of our beauty shares-

Firstly, exfoliation in some form or another is essential for removing the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin. Unless these are removed, most products applied on top will have little effect.

Try Realskin Clinics Brightening Facial for a deep cleanse to make skin noticeably brighter and more radiant. Or Diamond Microdermabrasion, for a deep exfoliation of the face, neck and décolletage. This is finished with a customised mask application to promote a healthy glow.

Vitamin A has a proven skin brightening effect. Working by normalising skin functions to correct all skin conditions, such as pigmentation, ageing and blemishes. For this we recommend, the Azyme Peel – Vitamin A combined with an antioxidant enzyme. This delivers powerful skin health results by stimulating collagen production and improving moisture levels in the skin.


Ultimately, at Realskin Clinic, we find that healthy skin usually leads to glowing skin. Once the skin is functioning well, glowing skin is definitely within your reach!

Book your consultation and take those first steps to glowing skin.